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Budget-friendly Airport Transfers
to the airports Basel (BSL) - Zürich (ZRH) - Strasbourg (SXB) - Frankfurt (FRA) - Stuttgart (STR) - BadenAirpark (FKB).
  • Pick Up Service
    The Airportservice Freiburg picks you up at an airport or an address referring to your booking:
    • e.g. Pick up service for a transfer to an airport from your home, a hotel or your place of work...
    • When we pick you up at the airport, you can give us also the destination.
    • There is no timetable!
    • For your pick up time we take account of your flight details and the flight details of other customers, depending to the booked tariff.
  • Tariff Information
    • Standard:
      This is our low-priced service. We combine bookings of customers whose departure / arrival times can differ up to 90 minutes. Waiting times at the airports can occur. Please book this service not later than 4 working days before the start of your journey.
    • Business:
      When you book business class, we affirm you that there will be no more than 1 stop on your way to the airport or your destination. Here, the waiting times at the airport are reduced to 30 minutes. Please book this service not later than 2 working days before the start of your journey.
    • Exclusive:
      You hire the car and the driver. All pick up times will be set according to your wishes. After your check out, the driver is waiting for you. You can book this service on short terms.
  • Booking
    You can choose between these ways of booking: For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. With booking our service you accept our standard business conditions: AGB
  • Luggage
    Each person is allowed to have one piece of luggage and one cabin luggage for free.
    Additional Luggage and big commodities can only be transported after consulting us and will be charged extra.
    Dangerous commodities cannot be transported!
    Extra charges e.g.
    • one additional suitcase: 10,- €
    • a wheel chaire (only foldable ones): 15,- €
    • Bicycle, golf equipment, diving equipment: 15,- €
    • Surfboard: 20,- €
  • Meeting Points
    • Frankfurt (FRA):
      In the terminal of your arrival at the official meeting point.
    • Stuttgart (STR) On the arrival level at the meeting point:
      Arrival in terminal 1 or 2: meeting point A in terminal 1.
      Arrival in terminal 3 or 4: meeting point B in terminal 3.
    • Bale (BSL):
      On the arrival level (french side!) at the official meeting point.
    • Zurich (ZRH):
      In the terminal of your arrival at the official meeting point.
    • Baden-Airpark (FKB):
      Terminal of your arrival at the meeting point.
    sign meeting

    Meeting point
    • Strasbourg (SXB):
      In the terminal at the information desk next to the baggage claim area.
  • Pets
    Pets can only be transported after consulting us. They have to be in adequate transportation boxes!

We can be reached:

(Central European Time)
  • Mo to Fr:
    9:00am - 6:00pm
  • Sa:
    9:00am - 2:00pm
  • Su and public holidays:
  • Emergency call (only for existing bookings):
    Around the clock
    +49 761 47 47 47